Our support team is available 9am – 7pm and usually responds in well under an hour. If you have any more questions please contact us.


(9am – 7pm Mon-Sun)

How can I pay for the bouncy castle?

No deposit is required but please notify us of any changes to avoid delivery charges. Payment is required upon delivery.

What time do you deliver?

We set out to deliver between 9am-12 noon and collect between 5.00-5.30pm, if you require a delivery for a specific time please advise.The price shown is for 4-5 hours hire, but if required we can usually leave the item(s) longer if arranged. You can specify times however bookings which take place in unsociable hours may incur an extra fee. We do also offer overnight hire items for a small additional fee.

Does the bouncy castle need electricity? How is it powered? How much does it use?

Yes, you’ll need a normal 13A plug socket within 25 meters of where you want to put the bouncy castle. We will bring a 25M extension cord with us if necessary. If you don’t have electricity within 25 meters, we can still help. We do have longer leads or can provide a generator at an additional £25 per hire.

What if it rains?

Almost all our inflatables come with shower covers and will be fine outside in light rain. Extremely adverse weather does have safety implications and we reserve the right to cancel your booking should we believe that the weather poses a safety hazard, this is very rare though! If you feel that the rain is going to spoil your day, you can usually cancel free of charge as long as notify us at least an hour before. Refer to our cancellation policy for full details.

How many people can use a bouncy castle?

Generally speaking, between 6 and 12 children at one time. However this depends on the size of the users and the type of Bouncy Castle. Every inflatable is different, but we do provide detailed information for every item in it’s description.

Can you place a bouncy castle on hard ground?

We tend to prefer grass however it is possible to position on to concrete providing you supply the ground sheet. We use sandbags to hold the inflatable in place instead of pegs when we position on to a hard floor.

Is it ok to put a bouncy castle on my lawn, will it cause much damage?

We actually prefer to put the bouncy castle on a lawn area. For safety reasons we must hammer in at least 6 securing pegs to hold the castle down during use. If you wish to place a ground sheet placed underneath the bouncy castle you are welcome to so that the grass will not come to any harm. The holes left over from the securing pegs will disappear after a few days.

Is your Equipment PAT Tested?

All our equipment is PAT tested and we can supply evidence on request.

Are you insured?

Yes we have public liability insurance of £2M. We can email evidence of cover to you or the venue if this is required (the venue will tell you).